A little about myself

My name is Alex and I’m a mother, wife and photographer.
Photography does not only manifest in the click of a camera, but much more.

I believe in more than the eye can see,
More than a first impression.
I believe in the inner beauty of each of us, in the purity of our children,
I believe that life must be taken and held together with both hands…
I know that time passes on, but memories sticks.
That’s why I held a camera for the first time,
The reason I decided not to let a moment pass without being able to recall it in 20 years,
When the kids will get older, when we we grow up,
Our memories will be cherished forever.
In both our hearts and a album.

The decision to convey my knowledge of it was not too late to come and I found myself helping and teaching dozens of photographers in a group or personal workshops.

The teaching spirit was always part of my previous life before I went to photography.

As an M.A. in organizational counseling, I have conducted group workshops and trainings, personal mentoring for professionals and colleagues, so the ability to guide and teach is within me since I remember myself.

Today, I am practice my true passion, photography and editing, in this thing that is burning fire inside me, and I am here for you, to help you make the fire in you. 


photo taken by jane sirkin